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Napa /ASE automobile technican of the year 2006,2007,2009,2014,

My Background

I have been a fan of antique vehicles since I was a kid. From the age of 14 I spent all of my free time in the garage learning everything I could about fixing cars. I attended TCI automotive electrical/mechanical engeniering college. In addition to running Car Critic , I also operate a full service automotive shop in Naples Florida . So while other guys are only book smart were aplication wise also. This comes up alot when were compared to another expert in legal matters . I am accrediated by I.A.A.A. AND ASE since .1986 car inspection  . how much is my car worth call us to find out

Our services:

  • Automobile pre purchase incspection 
  • Automotive appraisals
  • Diminshed value appraisal
  • Mechanical failure analysis
  • Worldwide sale/shipping support
  • Court expert wittness
  • Tv Radio talk show host

How to

I don't do all this work just to let my cars stay in the garage! I drive my cars to shows all over the country. If you're interested in seeing the work I've done in person, keep an eye out at classic car shows near you!


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